The Perfect Summer Lawn

Lawn care in New Jersey has some challenges. It is difficult to maintain a lush green lawn in the heat of summer but you can have the perfect lawn if you start preparations before it gets super hot. For example, in New Jersey, the best time to aerate and sow seeds is in fall or early spring. You’ll have plenty of time to water growing grass and other plants before drought conditions occur right in the middle of summer.

On the other hand, tending to lawns in the fall also has benefits. Seeding and aerating gives the cool season grasses enough time to establish before winter. The fall season is also devoid of certain lawn diseases. The weeds will shrink away; give grass more access to sunlight and water, always a good thing.

While you can decide which season to start lawn preparations; fall or spring, you can’t do much without proper tools. The right equipment makes lawn care more efficient and saves you time and effort.

Here is a list of tools you need for summer lawn care:

Lawn Mowers

Your summer lawn can’t look good if the grass surface is all over the place. You can fix and even out the height of the grass blades with a lawn mower. The design of the lawn mower may limit you to a certain height but most are adjustable according to the user’s preferences.


An aerator is used for allowing air and water to reach the roots. You can pull out plugs from the soil using an aerator. This will make compacted soil loosen up so that air and water will have access to the roots that need them.


If you have a large lawn, you may want to use a seeder to quickly spread seeds. These machines cut slits into the soil, drop seeds then cover it back up. A good seeder is designed not to damage your lawn so your existing grass surface will not be affected.


A thatch is an area in the lawn where dead pieces of grass collect. Thatch is considered organic but can block moisture and air to grass if it grows excessively. A thatcher will help you get rid of these patches easily.

Sod Cutters

Sod cutters help you easily relocate or reposition sod and make the exact cut you want. They are also used for expanding and establishing flower beds.

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