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Return Policy

At Semcore, we understand that your construction projects require precision and efficiency. That’s why we’re committed to providing top-notch equipment and a hassle-free rental experience. To ensure transparency and satisfaction, here’s our comprehensive return policy:

1. Rental Period:

  • Rentals are based on a 24-hour day, weekly, or monthly basis, depending on your needs.
  • Extensions can be arranged in advance, subject to availability.

2. Equipment Condition:

  • We take pride in delivering equipment in optimal condition. Before leaving our facility in Eatontown, NJ, each item undergoes thorough inspection.
  • Upon return, equipment should be in the same condition to avoid additional charges.

3. Early Returns:

  • Need to wrap up your project earlier than expected? No problem! We understand that plans can change. Return unused equipment early, and you’ll only be charged for the days you’ve used.

4. Late Returns:

  • We encourage timely returns to accommodate other customers. Late returns may incur additional charges, so please communicate any potential delays in advance.

5. Cleaning and Maintenance:

  • We appreciate your efforts to keep the equipment clean during use. A cleaning fee may apply for excessively dirty items.
  • Regular maintenance is our responsibility, but if any issues arise during your rental period, please let us know promptly.

6. Damage and Repairs:

  • Accidents happen. Report any damages or malfunctions immediately.
  • We’ll assess the damage and, if necessary, provide a fair estimate for repair costs.

7. Refundable Deposits:

  • Some rentals may require a refundable deposit. This amount will be returned promptly upon the satisfactory return of the equipment.

8. Cancellation Policy:

  • Plans change? No worries. Cancel your reservation without any charges if done within a reasonable timeframe. Late cancellations may incur a fee.

9. Customer Support:

  • Our dedicated customer support team is here to assist you. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the return policy, feel free to reach out.

At Semcore, we believe in building lasting partnerships with our customers. Our return policy is designed to ensure your satisfaction and the success of your projects. Thank you for choosing us as your construction equipment rental partner!

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