Concrete Cutting Services

Semcore 2 offers a variety of concrete cutting and core drilling services. We offer highly competitive rates based on our ability to work in a Non-Union environment. We service the New Jersey and surrounding areas as well as provide concrete removal services. Getting an estimate is simple. Give us your information and a representative will give you a call, talk to you about your project, get you that estimate as quickly as possible so you can do your job. We look forward to hearing from you.

Semcore2 Concrete Cutting

Road Sawing/Slab Sawing


Robotic Demolition


Wall Sawing


Angle Sawing


Semcore 2 has the expertise and equipment to saw cut any asphaltic, concrete or natural stone paving material. Our fleet of saws includes soft cut concrete joint cutting saws as well as the most powerful deep cutting “high rise” diesel powered units on the market. These saws are also powered by motors that meet every need for cutting in a myriad of environments.

Applications include:

  • Expansion & control joints
  • Controlled demolition
  • reinforce concrete
  • Single and double blade trenching

Our demolition robots with telescopic arms allow extreme flexibility. Despite its low weight and compactness, it delivers a power of 22 kW, making it ideal for efficient demolition in tough environments. The outriggers are individually controlled and combined with a large footprint provides superior stability which enables high workload. The versatility of these machines Combined with a variety of tools like hammers or our compact and versatile crushers and steel shears can make tough projects easy. We also offer hydraulic protection, enhanced cooling, and heat protection. This enables you to work with the machine in high ambient temperatures and with the tool in a high radiation heat.

Using a demolition robot enables you to:

  • Remain a safe distance while performing the work load of several operators with conventional equipment
  • Robots operate on clean and efficient electrical power.
  • Our machines can be mobilized just about anywhere

Cutting openings in concrete and masonry walls used to be a real challenge. With the advent of today’s modern wall saws and the specialty saws including, chain and ring saws, perfect penetrations with no over cutting can be obtained. Wall sawing can be performed up to 30” in thickness at various angles. These saws also are powered by hydraulic, electric and pneumatic motors.

Applications include:

  • Straight, smooth door or window openings
  • Accurately sized cut-outs
  • Bevel cuts

The ability to road saw angled asphalt trench openings on NJ and NYC streets are required for certain major league utilities. Semcore II has walk- behind and ride-on saws that allow blades to be angled up to 25 degrees from vertical. Cut backs in asphalt streets ensure better seals when repaving.

Applications include:

  • cutting reinforced concrete floors
  • cutting expansion joints
  • cutting sidewalks
  • cutting plumbing
  • cutting electrical trenches